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Here’s a look at Zahm Demolition’s suggested dress code for its executives, as translated directly from the documents issued by the company.

The objective of Dresscode:
Our activity is mainly dedicated to establish strong relationships with our customers, our shareholders and our environment on the basis of mutual respect. Meeting the needs of our customers and building lasting relationships are the focus of our activity…

Zahm’s reputation is our most precious asset. Adopt irreproachable conduct also involves having an impeccable presentation. Customer advisers are very often the first point of contact for our customers and are perceived as the representatives of Zahm.

The clothes, as critical nonverbal communication

Respect for the Dresscode dictating a neat appearance and a correct presentation helps to communicate our values and our culture. We pass through this what we mean donations concretely by the notions of truth, clarity and permanence: management respectful, responsible and integrated, a conscientiousness, reliable and consistent, and respect of the highest professional standards.

Our style of dress often reflects our mode of action.

Individuals are primarily judged on their style.

Anthracite dark colors, black and dark blue symbolize competence, the formality and seriousness.

A flawless appearance can provide an inner peace and a sense of security.

By taking into account the fact that the first impression is a decisive factor, the Dresscode offers today was developed. This underlines the professionalism of our bank.



These guidelines are intended for all employees and zahmdemo compliance is mandatory. Senior executives are required to ensure and monitor compliance and ensure that Dresscode that staff display a neat appearance.

Guidelines for the Dresscode

• ” Zahm employees dresscode” is an integral part of the guidelines applicable to all zahmdemo employees.

• Accessories from Zahm shall under no circumstances be worn privately.

• Each employee is responsible for good behavior and cleaning his clothes.

• Obsolete Zahm Accessories should be destroyed or discarded.


The Dresscode for Women

• Tailor plain or colored pantsuit, Anthracite dark, black or dark blue

• white blouse, preferably a shirt

• Accessories: nicky or scarf

• Closed shoes, black and classic

• Black belt

The suit and pantsuit – Dresscode dire

The classic business attire united color

Dark Charcoal, black or dark blue.

These pieces are very flattering, their cut is light and offer a high level of comfort. The resulting silhouette is elegant, slender and without any feeling of being cramped. The jacket must remain smooth, even when buttoned and should not be tightened. Skirts and pants are (both when seated or standing) to provide sufficient amplitude and be able to replace themselves. The posterior should not be “rump sprung.”

The perfect skirt length is in the middle of the knee and may go down to two inches below the knee (measured from the middle of the knee).


Dresscode directive:

The basic element of our collection of clothing: the plain white shirt with classic collar.

Tips and Advice

• The blouse is worn generally in the pants or the skirt and indentation should be adapted to the rest of Dress-code (a few inches below the collarbone).

• Wear skin-colored underwear below the white blouses. In addition, we recommend if possible not to conceal the neck. Traces of make-up on collars are bad.

• In general, a blouse is worn with a jacket. When it very hot, and after validation of your superior, you can wear the shirt without a jacket.

General dresscode directive:

You are responsible for the proper maintenance and cleaning of your clothes.

Tips and Advice

• Leave, if possible, your outfit suspended in open air for two days after wearing. The fibers will gain rest and you will prolong the life span of your clothes.

• Pants and skirts should be ironed regularly. Steam and folds pants regularly.

• Be sure to regularly bring your clothes to the dry cleaners so they benefit from a professional cleaning.


The Dresscode for Men:

• Two-piece suit of anthracite dark, black or dark blue

• White long sleeve shirt

• Accessories, Zahm tie

• Black shoes

• Black Belt

The shirt

At the neck, the shirt must be of sufficient magnitude to leave a space of at least one finger… The neck shirts must exceed approximately about 1 to 1.5 centimeter above the jacket collar…

The tips of the shirt collars must meet the area under the lapel.

Wearing short-sleeved shirts… is undesirable.

Ties - Dresscode directive:

Wearing a tie is absolutely imperative.

• Each time you remove your suit, untie your Tie and hang or wrap it. Give your tie at least one day of rest before reuse so that the fabric and lining can rest.

• Do not wash, nor ever iron your ties yourself.


Check your look!

Our external appearance serves as nonverbal communication and speaks volumes about our personality… Check your look before “to enter the party” to avoid the worst mistakes.


Don’t wear the tie if it’s:

• Too short or too long

• Not suitable for the shirt

• Not adapted to the morphology of the face

Jewelry – don’t wear if:

• Jewelry disproportionate size and quantity

• bracelets for men

• Piercings and visible tattoos

Hands – do not have:

• Dirty and badly maintained nails

• False nails and fancy colored nails

• rough or cracked skin

Hair – don’t have:

• Dirty and not maintained hair

• Nape, not shaved (for short haircuts)

• Split Ends

The underwear – make sure underwear not visible through clothing / overflowing outside of regular clothes