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What is Zahm’s misson? See the following:

This interpersonal feeling field is what Buber calls ‘the essential we’ (a term that implies that the essence of our nature as human being is transpersonal and communal). Our capacity to feel gives us direct access to the experience of ‘oneness’ with others. We experience reality as shared or ‘consensual’ by ‘feeling with’ or ‘feeling into’ those others - that is, through sympathy, empathy, and compassion.

In other words, we learn to synchronize our underlying feeling states with those of other persons, and in so doing to ‘identify’ with them in a direct, experiential manner that obviates the need for intermediary ‘cognitive’ analysis. We experience our personal ‘process’ as a construct relevated from an INTERSUBJECTIVE reality. A ‘confluence of individual processes’ is experienced, which may be called ‘interpersonal resonance’ or ‘interactive empathy’.

Empathy (according to Goleman) is grounded in the capacity of individuals, in relationship, to unconsciously entrain (or synchronize) feeling. It can also be conceived of as the experience of a shared feeling field which transcends personal boundaries - providing us as individuals with the direct experience of our common ground as human beings.

–From, © John Fudjack & Patricia Dinkelaker - November, 1995